My passion for print and lettering began at the age of seven, when I was awarded First Prize at the Newark and Nottinghamshire County Show in the "Under 10 Miniature Garden in a Biscuit Tin Lid" category...
This horticultural wonder was marked by the presentation of a stiff card approximately 6" x 4", deckle edged in gold with a graded pink border, and lost in a lunatic swirl of embossed copperplate, the all important "FIRST PRIZE".
From that day hence I was destined to spend hours poring over and assessing the peculiarities of print, and would scrutinise anything and everything from shop signs to food packaging, invoices, programmes, maps, handwriting at school, newsprint, beermats, pub signs, graffitti, road names, traffic signs, parish notice boards, ecclesiastical lettering, gravestones, clothing labels, logos, concert tickets, till receipts, posters, carved lettering on buildings, rude lettering on buildings - I can't help it.
More than anything, however, I am captivated by the sheer beauty and endurance of medieval manuscripts and my work reflects this either in a profusion of colour and gold leaf, or the technical challenge in a piece of hand lettering.